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ELECTRO CAR Reconditioning Details

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence

Our guarantee at ELECTRO CAR is simple: we will not sell you a car that we would not sell to our mother. To ensure that we meet these requirements, each vehicle in our inventory is subjected to a thorough examination process.

Before we purchase a vehicle we conduct a pre-purchase inspection in which our expert electric car buyers examine the vehicle's primary mechanical systems and structural integrity. Each vehicle is put through its paces, and we do it more than once. The suspension, drive train, electric motors, and even the undercarriage are all inspected after that.

We inspect each car to ensure that it has been fixed to our meticulous mechanical and cosmetic standards. Not only do we check that the engine and other safety systems are in good working order, but we also complete a thorough visual inspection, highlighting the most noticeable cosmetic flaws on each car. We may not be able to mark every flaw on the car because this is a subjective process. This implies that the car may have experienced additional wear and tear on the car that was not visible during the 360° camera tour. If your vehicle has serious flaws, we'll label them with a specific range so you'll always know what you're getting.

Just to be sure, we double-check everything. Before one of our automobiles picked up, we do a last examination to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the vehicle's quality and safety.

All aesthetic flaws are assigned a specific level to help you comprehend the scope of each individual imperfection in order to offer you with a thorough insight of your vehicle's condition.

The First Tier of flaws are those that occur as a result of typical vehicle use. The markings are small, hidden in low-visibility regions, and typically go unnoticed. The number of scratches is fewer than one "in terms of length Scuffs, spots, and discolorations are often smaller than a thumbprint. Dents or dents that are smaller than 1 inch in diameter "in circumference Minor paint touch-ups, further detailing, and polishing are frequently used to fix these flaws.

Minor flaws or wear in high-visibility places are classified as Second Tier imperfections. Scratches range in length from 1" to 3". Scuffs, stains, and discolorations are small in nature and are little larger than a post-it note in size. Dents or dents measure around 1" in diameter and are no more than 1/8" deep. Minor repainting, interior steam cleaning, and general dent repair are common remedies for these flaws.

Third Tier flaws are faults or wear that are extremely visible and more substantial than normal wear. Scratches may be more than three "in terms of length Scuffs, stains, and discolorations are more noticeable and may appear in locations that are very apparent. Dents or dents that are larger than 3 inch are common "in circumference The cost of repairing these flaws is prohibitively high, either because the defect cannot be remedied or because the expense of doing so is too high.