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Unlike a typical dealership, you get to live with your ELECTRO CAR for seven days after receiving it. Take it for a spin on the highway, see how it fits in your garage, and how you can get it into a grocery store parking spot. Is there enough room in the trunk for your child's car seat or your golf clubs? Take it in for an examination if you have a trustworthy mechanic and want an outside perspective.

Customers in our local marketplaces do not pay a charge to return or exchange a car. If you are not in a local market, you will be repaid the vehicle's purchase price, minus the delivery fee.

Terms and Conditions

Our 7-day Money Back Guarantee is subject to a few restrictions. The day you get the car is the first day of your test-drive period. Please notify us by 5 p.m. CST on the 7th calendar day after receiving your car if you desire to return it. We'll work out a plan with you to organize your return at that time. During your 7-day test-drive period, you can also drive the car up to 300 miles. You can still return the automobile if it has been driven more than 300 miles; however, we will charge you $1.50 per mile for each extra mile traveled above the 300-mile restriction.  Please note that we will not accept a return if the vehicle has been changed, damaged, or altered from its original state when we originally provided to you. We also won't accept a return if the vehicle was involved in an accident or has a lien or other encumbrance on it (other than the retail installment contract you signed with ELECTRO CAR.)